Zoie Jade, Animal Reiki Practioner & Feng Shui Consultant

Zoie Jade, ARP-FSC


Reiki is a non-invasive, complementary, and alternative energy healing practice that promotes overall health and well-being for anyone or any creature. Originating in Japan, Reiki works with an animal's and human's energy to facilitate their own healing response. This is done with the assistance of a certified Reiki practitioner who has committed to using their energy to help another heal. The word "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: rei, meaning "universal"; and ki, meaning "life energy".

Animals are highly intuitive and sensitive to the energies of their surroundings. Reiki is a healing energy that can be used alone or as a complement to other healing practices, balancing the energy patterns, and strengthening the animal's natural healing systems. When the animal's healing are at optimum performance, the body, mind, and spirit can heal itself. Reiki can serve animals in the following ways

  • Maintaining health and well being through regular sessions
  • Aiding in pain management for animals who are ill or injured, as well as post surgery
  • Promoting relaxation and calm for animals with emotional issues, anxiety, separation anxiety, or stress (including pre-surgery).
  • Increasing bond between human and animal - a great way to ease an animal's transition to a new home environment or to enhance training for your pet
  • Bringing peace and comfort to a dying pet by easing the transition into death

Note: Reiki is not a substitute for taking your pet to your veterinarian. If your animal needs immediate assistance, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Zoie Jade offers Reiki sessions (in person and as distance sessions) to both animal and human companions. She works to bring healing to the entire family, as all beings in the household can be affected by illness, trauma, stress, etc. 

Zoie is currently seeing clients at Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. Here, Reiki is overseen by Reiki Master, Shinpiden Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC and offered as a holistic service, as well as offered pre, during, and post surgery to enhance the healing process. 

Please see Zoie's fees here in the Services section of our website. 

To make an appointment please, call: (575) 635-0149.


     Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. In literal translation feng means "wind" and shui means "water." In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus positive Feng Shui came to mean good fortune. Conversely, negative Feng Shui means bad luck or misfortune. 

     Some elements of Feng shui practice date back at least 6,000 years, and it contains elements of various branches of intellectual study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. It is related closely to the taoist vision of nature, particularly the idea that the land is alive and filled with chi, or energy. Other concepts shared between feng shui and Taoism include the polarities of yin and yang—the polar opposites that cannot exist without the other—and the theory of five elements. 

     Feng Shui is sometimes thought to be the art of placement—understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life in various areas of experience. It is a complex body of knowledge that teaches us how to balance and harmonize with the energies in any given space—be it a the office, our home, or our garden. Its aim is to assure good fortune for the people inhabiting a space. Although regarded scientific, feng shui has had an impact on the aesthetics of interior design and the architectural layout of living and working spaces, both in its native eastern and, more recently, western cultures.

The Four Cardinal Rules: 

     1. Cleaning and removing clutter is the most important first step. Negative chi collects around clutter. Disorganization is a sign of stuck and stagnant energy creating lack of flow. The fastest way to get moving into the future is to remove and organize clutter.

     2. Create Zen surfaces 49 – 51% clear. This is so that your eyes have a chance to rest in between the paper work on desks for example, Bookshelves that have art pieces in between the books again give your eyes a chance to stop and see something beautiful and rest in between the fast flowing chi bookshelves tend to have. Surfaces 50% clear create space and leave room for new energy, projects and ideas to come.

     3. Have nothing broken or fix the broken items. Broken items attract lower and often negative chi. Put a time limit on items you plan on repairing or replace or get rid of them.
    4. Beauty – have things that are beautiful around you. If you have a piece of art or furniture that you dislike, it is attracting negative chi.  Since good fortune comes in many forms, including better health, a successful career, or a fulfilling love life, feng shui practice includes detailed tips for almost every area of your life. 

     Ask Zoie about her main tools used in analyzing the feng shui of any space and she'll show you her Feng Shui compass...the bagua!  

     You're gonna love how amazing life can be.

Zoie's Credentials

Usui Ryoho Reiki - Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification 1/13/18

Feng Shui Consultant - April 2018

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Zoie's Animal Reiki and Feng Shui Services & Fees

Animal Reiki $25 per hr

  Zoie can come to your home and work with your animal companion. A Reiki practitioner facilitates healing by lightly placing their hands on or just above the animal; Reiki can also be given from a distance, either close proximity (ie. in the same room) or from a distance, if preferred, and is just as effective.  If you believe in energy, you understand how amazing it is when a dedicated practitioner volunteers theirs to affect a beautiful result.  Your pet will thank you!

      It is generally recommended that the animal receive 4 "in person" treatments within the first few weeks and then weekly treatments thereafter until the animal is balanced and healthy. After the initial 90 min intake treatment, subsequent sessions usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

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In-person Animal Reiki Session 

(60 min)


Intake Animal Reiki Session 

(90 min)


Feng Shui Initial Consultation


Travel to and from site

.55 cents per mile

Feng Shui Project Written Quotes


Organizational Work of Space

$19.50 per hr

Movement & Placement in Space

$25 per hr

Painting of Space

$30 per hr

Shopping & Decorating of Space

$25 per hr

Small Space Reorganization

(Pantry, Cabinets, Desks, etc.)

$25 per hr

Large Space Reorganization

(Office, Closets, Rooms, Etc.)

$30 per hr

Design & Planning

$20 per hr

Feng Shui

Why Have a Feng Shui Consultation

Having a Feng Shui consultation is beneficial to enrich your life and enhance your living or working surroundings;  when moving; making structural alterations or redecorating;  aiming for career progress;  seeking relationship fulfillment;  dealing with life changes and challenges;  needing to clear clutter or subtle energy congestion.  The aim of Feng Shui is to enrich the quality of your life by enhancing the function of your energy and space and your harmonious connection with it.  

Arranging the Consultation

Usually consultations start with an initial telephone conversation to discuss your requirements and what you wish to achieve, considering the various services we are able to offer, agreeing to the fees and arranging a date to visit your space, are all confirmed prior to the meeting.  

Consultation Procedure

Prior to visiting, Zoie makes some preparatory calculations. She requests basic information about your needs, your priorities and concerns, a floor plan and birth dates/personality info of those who’ll be enjoying the results.  Initially at the visit, all your reasons for having the consultation are discussed in depth, to make sure your needs are well understood and the outcome will fully satisfy your expectations. A compass reading is taken next using a complex Chinese Luopan compass, or Bagua, to determine the precise orientation and direction zones of the space.  

The Feng Shui Survey  

A thorough evaluation of your space is done.  Your main entrance area is most important so it gets key consideration. We then visit the space or object location and layout of key features, personal interactions, natural elements, colors, lighting, time factor, wealth location and other relevant internal and external factors.  Feng Shui design advice for your new décor choices or renovation project can easily be incorporated if required.


Our recommendations are always practical, stylish and achievable, following long established authentic Feng Shui principles. They help to balance and harmonize energetic patterns, neutralize any negative features of the premises, strengthen weak sectors, optimize good areas and assist aspects of your life in which you wish to gain advancement.  Many adjustments have a powerful impact and most are easily accomplished, often involving only the specific placement of water or plants, introducing certain other natural elements or traditional remedies, removing items or rearranging furniture layout.  With your surroundings supporting you rather than holding you back, improvements will happen gradually over several weeks or months, although dynamic positive changes can also occur within days.