FAQ's about learning a Tantric Life:

Why does DGT offer so many diverse services?

Many reasons, one because the talent is there, all in one company, why limit it, what works for one may not work for another. Dezi believes in growth always, and contribution daily. If you learn something enough to change your life for the better great! If you share that with others...your GOLDEN!! (see what we did there lol) ALSO, if you look closely, all Dezi Golden Therapy services are to help in thats true therapy right?

What is Tantra?

The word Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र) literally means "loom, warp, weave".

     Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that has a presence today around the world. (and has been going strong for centuries)
    Tantra honors and celebrates our bodies, and enriches sensual pleasure, not just sexual pleasure. Breath, meditation, mindfulness, movement, and our environment can enhance intimacy with oneself and others.

Very simply, Dezi adores all things Tantra and not only has healed herself with this fantastic "union of self", but many others in the last 15 years. Most attribute the word Tantra to sex...but there's so much more to tantra. It is truly a lifestyle choice.

     The aim off Tantric practice is: to gain awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, the places where we resist union with ourselves and others, and cultivate the ability to consciously respond rather than unconsciously react to both our fears and desires. When that occurs, we reach a state of eternal bliss.

Dezi and the DGT Staff feel humans are meant to be happy, if Tantra opens the doors to that...then it must be a daily practice!! When will you begin?

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