Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC

Owner, Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC

How Dezi Got Started: Dezi dabbled in careers in Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Martial Arts early on in her professional career. But, as most of us figure out, achievement does not always bring fulfillment.  Dezi, very naturally, fell into bodywork, intimacy coaching, feng shui organization, energy healing, and helping others after experiencing health problems directly linked to trauma in her own life.  She believes deeply in a Body * Mind * Soul connection and that when one part is mis-aligned, the other two will be imbalanced as well.  After attempting to “help” others build their practices, or being falsely promised “partner” business relationships, Dezi thanked the lessons and followed her true passion to help others her way. By opening her own licensed practice where she can offer the types of therapies that awaken her clients to their TRUE potential and happiness path of their lives.  For the body, she and her staff offer healing therapeutic massage and reflexology bodywork. For the mind, informative classes, support groups, and workshops provide answers for clients they couldn't find elsewhere. Then for the soul, reiki, chakra, Feng Shui organization, and “Master Me” workshops are designed to lay the foundation for clients to balance themselves enough in all other areas so that their "higher self" can flourish.

When not in her office, teaching massage, or online conducting a coaching session at a coffee shop, you can find Dezi enjoying time in the sun by the pond, walking, teaching Toga, building vision boards with her girlfriends, painting mandalas, running a tarot journaling class, in her writer's group, or soaking in the Hot Springs!  She's always been creative by nature, so inviting her to paint, craft, take photos, or do Feng Shui is a definite “Yes!”.  In her quiet time, Dezi blogs on Tumblr with her fans or works on her next novel project (yes, she's published three books) but if you ask her, she'll tell you her favorite part of her day is in the “quality time” spent talking with those who want  to “hang out” and live forward. If you're interested in developing "self"...Dezi wants to talk to YOU!!!

See how beautiful life can be.  Go from Human Do-ing to Human Be-ing with Dezi.  Text her now (575) 932-9741

Dezi's Credentials

Owns - Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Registered Massage Therapy Instructor State of New Mexico S-0526

Licensed Massage Therapist
(NM 7474 & TX)  

Certified Life & Intimacy Coach

Tantra Instructor/TOGA PR

Simplicity Life Feng Shui Consultant

Shinpiden, Reiki Master

Fingerprint/Palmistry Interpreter

Certified Card Reader

Dream/Nightmare Interpreter

Published Author

AirBnB Host



Weekend Retreats

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