Colton Copeland, Massage Therapist & Life Coach

Meet Colton:

     Colton's interest in the healing arts and sciences dates back to his earliest memories. Being born with a congenital deformity in his cervical spine, pain was an all too familiar experience for the young Colton. His deformity became a lethal threat at the age of 17, and so he underwent a full cervical spine reconstructive surgery. After healing from his operation, he vowed that it was now his time to heal others!

     Soon thereafter, Colton found his passion in massage therapy and became licensed so that he could fulfill his vow. Whilst studying massage therapy, his mentor Dezi Golden introduced him to life coaching and its transformative effects. A lifelong survivor of narcissistic abuse and severe bullying, Colton realized that he could extend his vow to help heal people, not only physically, but emotionally as well!  He is now a passionate advocate for those that have endured the treatment of narcissists and sociopaths alike.  Especially, he wishes to help adolescents as they deal with the blight of narcissistic abuse. When it comes to children, Colton wishes to be the champion for them that he knows he needed.

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