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On 1/13/18 Zoie Received Her Animal Reiki Certification!!

Please take a moment to congratulate Zoie and ask her all about why animals benefit so much from their own Animal Reiki session.

Updated Services!

New distance sessions for Relationship & Intimacy Coaching! No need to miss your session when vacationing on the beach!!

Contact your coach and setup your favorite way to meet for a session.  Local coffee shop, in their private office, on the yoga floor, via FaceTime, over email, Skype, text, or cell call.  Learning to "relationship" is a lifelong growing process.  Love you enough to love others.  It's not SELFISH, it's SELF-FULL!!!!!!  (575) 932-9741  Call now.

Our Classes and Workshops are for every BODY!

Mastering self is about learning intimacy and that YOU ARE ENOUGH!  We don't focus on the outfit, if our mat is the right color, if we look right to others when we do TOGA moves...instead we let all that external stuff go, we seek the "internal" good stuff, the deep, beautiful, lovely places and learn to FEEL our way through to the best parts of life.  Research proves the strongest among us are those willing to be "vulnerable" despite society teaching us the strong don't show emotion. (Brene' Brown)

Your Instructor, Dezi

Dezi Golden, RMTI-CLC

Registered Massage Therapy Instructor NM

Licensed Massage Therapist TX

Certified Life Coach - Intimacy & Relationships

Shinpiden, Reiki Master

4th Degree Black Belt

Tantra Instructor/TOGA Chakra Balancing

Published Author/Writer

Owner of Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC in

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Former: EMT, Law Enforcement, Martial Art Dojo Owner (NJ)

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Wanting to avoid pain is natural, learning tools to heal it is genius!

Personalized "YOU" Sessions

To create the most effective method of therapy we must find your 6 Human Needs, Love Language, preferred Body * Mind * Spirit healing method, and truth. Ask about your private intimacy, relationship, or tantra coaching session.

Sessions for Everyone

Whether single, couples, family, coworkers, friends, or neighbors, everyone needs tools for better communication.  The level of happiness in one's life is in direct proportion to the happiness in their relationships.  How do you feel about yours?



Dezi Golden, LMT-CLC

Licensed Business Owner - Woman Owned - Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Licensed Massage Therapist (NM & TX)

Certified Life Coach (Relationship/Personal Development/Intimacy)

Shinpiden, Reiki Master

Fingerprint/Palmistry Interpreter

Certified Card Reader

Published Author

AirBnB Host

Tantra TOGA Instructor

Shinpiden Reiki Master - Jordon Kopreski

Jordon Kopreski

Shinpiden, Reiki Master

NMSU Graduate, BA Videography/Filmography

Spiritual Mentor

Experienced Card Reader

We are looking for team members!

Hiring: 2 massage therapists, must be NM Licensed and Insured, 3 yrs exp, and myofascial release dominant with proficiency in all other modalities. Relaxed, licensed home environment. Own hours, you charge what you want, room fee.

Hiring: Yoga instructor for "Mommy and Me" children's yoga class.

Available: AirBnb room (sleeps 5) for retreats or weekend classes/experiences.  White Sands trips or photography, Dripping Springs hiking/tours.  Ghost tours, winery tours, Old Mesilla Shopping, you plan it yourself or with us as your guide.  Las Cruces is awesome!!

Current Deals on Tarot Readings

Universal Daily Reading


Heart Reading


Add a Reiki Healing Session for $50

Our Big News!

Soon we will be hosting classes on the following:

Tarot Journaling

Law of Attraction Daily Planner Class

The Truth About Epstein Barr Seminar

Patch Tarot Teachings

How to Massage Your Mate

Heal Your Emotions With Essential Oils

If you have an interest in these informative, fun afternoon classes contact 932-9741.

Want to Etsy?

Of course we Esty, who doesn't Esty???

Announcements, Reminders, and Clients

"Master Me" Toga Fun Class Monday 12/4/17 Will introduce "The Fool" Tarot

TOGA Stretching

Chakra Aligning

Fun, interactive activities

Patch Tarot

Universal Daily Lessons

TOGA Cool down stretching

Bedtime Meditation

$5 Classes for Adults who take 2 or more, classes are Mon/Wed/Sat!!!

Monday nights are still Tantra for Men/Women Classes! 6pm. $10 Life Changer, for the brave!

That's right, we've extended this amazing class until 2018.  You asked, and we listened.  It takes time to learn to get out of "primal" living in just the first two chakras.  We are so conditioned to live in a "immediate gratification" society that we rarely get to true connection.  Enjoy this gradual elevation to the heart and soul level of self-love...THEN find a partner.  Your happiness does matter.  If you've felt unfulfilled in life, your answers are here.  Don't listen to the taboos about Tantric living, it's all fear based.  True enlightenment comes from expressing who you truly are, especially in your sexuality.  Learn life-long intimacy skills that will enhance every relationship in your life!  New class starts in Jan 2018, retakes are half-price (because we know you love the class, of course you can take it again...and again...and again...)

Relationship Coaching Rocks!

“DGT offers amazing services!  I love the life coaching and massage therapy (both are my favorites)!  Dezi Golden is an amazing individual who is truly passionate about what she does!  More life group sessions/times.”

N. Chavez, Las Cruces, NM

For those clients who'd like to advertise here on the DGT site, please contact Dezi below.  You support her, she'll support you.  DGT values their clients!

TESTIMONIALS: What Clients Are Saying...

Y. Meraz, Las Cruces, NM

I really like the aromatherapy massage, angel card readings. I really like Dezi, she's very nice and easy to talk to. She has a way of making you feel at ease and open up about your life and share things that you hold close to your heart. I can't think of anything else, she has an extensive list of services!”

R. Guttierez, Las Cruces, NM

“I have seen Dezi three different times and each time I have used the DeStressor and have been extremely happy with the results. The price is a bit steep hence the reason I have only been 3 times. Dezi is amazing at what she does. I would Love to get a facial that worked with my shoulders and face.”

...and there's more:

“My husband and I love the DeStressor and the BackRelaxer!  They are amazing!! Dezi is always professional and extremely knowledgeable!  I couldn't think of one thing different I would need!”   C. Getz, Las Cruces, NM

    “The therapy I love at DGT, is the massages that I've been scheduling (which is the BackRelaxer Massage and the Full Body Massage). Dezi is very caring to her clients and always ask before every session if anything is hurting. She is very gentle when it comes to helping heal a client's body and help coach what a client needs to work on to continue the healing process. 

    I love the ladies group sessions she holds every week. I have learned a lot and it is a safe place to share things you need help working on whether it's personal life, working on health issues, etc.

    Dezi is very warm hearted, she cares a lot about her clients. I appreciate all the education she gives me to help heal the body, mind, and soul.

    Dezi has been expanding her business, in my opinion she offers a lot that I really haven't heard of in Las Cruces in the past. She is doing amazing!  I can't wait to see what she does for the future that will help heal the Las Cruces community bodies in a more holistic natural approach.”                            

D. Hernandez, Las Cruces, NM

    “I've taken advantage of massages on two occasions. Both massages were quite relaxing. Dezi is personable, knowledgeable, and respectful of privacy.”

J. Lowry, Las Cruces, NM

    “My favorite is the BackRelaxer.  Dezi is amazing. She's friendly and professional, I can't think of anything that isn't offered that I would use.”  

D. Martinez, Las Cruces, NM

    “I am absolutely in love with Dezi's massages! She truly has healing hands and is able to identify issues that may be going on not only physically in your body, but emotionally and spiritually. Her massages have helped my back troubles greatly and I always leave feeling renewed. 

    I am also a big fan of her card readings. I have found much needed validation and peace in her readings.

    Dezi takes great pride in what she does and I greatly appreciate that she takes her time in any service she is providing. She genuinely cares for your well being. Dezi has the gift of leaving you feeling better and better every session you go to.  A true delight and I am so grateful to have found her and have her services in my city!

    I feel that Dezi is excellent in constantly offering new and exciting services! Her service menu has a great variety to choose from that allows you to expand your options in healing.”                                                                      

J. Prieto, Las Cruces, NM

    “My favorite DGT Service is definitely the BackRelaxer!!  There is nothing like it!  Total and complete attention to the most tensed up areas.

    I love how Dezi makes me feel at home and completely comfortable.  I liked the idea of massage but never loved getting one until I went to Dezi.  I also like that she is on time and easy to schedule with.  I feel Dezi is top notch in everything she does!

    I am happy with the services being offered by DGT.  Nothing new needs to be added for me.”                                                                 

J. Britton, Las Cruces, NM

    “I don't have one favorite service. I loved the palmistry reading that my office did. We did a group share (according to comfort level) it was a great incite into our fellow coworkers.

    The reflexology sessions were amazing. They really helped ease some of the distress I was having. 

    The Tarot Journaling class, that I attend, has given amazing incite to who I am, who I want to become, and how I can apply this to my everyday life.

    Dezi gives a calming and safe place to be able to express yourself without judgement. This does not mean that she does not tell you as it is. It means there is respect for opinions and offering a different perspective on viewing things.

Since I am relatively new to this aspect of my life, I really as of yet do not know if there is anything new I would like.  I think once I have experienced all that is offered now, and see new paths open to me, I'll know if there is a service she does not offer.”

E. Gonzales Las Cruces, NM

    “Thus far, my favorite service has been the massages provided Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC.. If I had the time and funds, I'd have already tried every one of her services.

    In addition to the physical relief provided by Dezi through massage, she provides spiritual correction and balance. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Dezi provides a safe, calm, and relaxing environment for her clients and always provides great personalized care.

    Dezi provides a very large array of services for the body, mind, and soul.  I cannot think of a single thing missing from her practice.  Anyone willing to consider any service she provides is going to benefit immensely.”          

C. Frietze, Las Cruces, New Mexico

and even more....

How did you meet Dezi Golden?  What do you think should be shared about Dezi?  What would you say is a challenge for her?

She was the leader of a youth group I attended as a young teen.  She is a WELL educated woman who has had a great deal of life experience and is more than capable of providing help to others.  In all honesty, I don't think I can come up with any possible challenges for her.  She is an amazing person. 

- B. Kathleen, Colorado.

Through a friend.  She is able to do and complete anything she sets her mind to! 

- Fidelity, New Mexico.

Desiree is an extremely driven individual who works diligently towards all her goals.  She is a published author!  I know she is capable of handling any challenge successfully.  From my prior experience and conversations with her I can say that she listens and analyzes very carefully and gives the best possible advice based on one's needs. 

- N. Hitrova, New York, NY

Studied massage with her.  The struggles she has been through have brought her where she is today, and she can take those and turn them into a learning experience for anyone.  I don't think there would be a challenge for her as much as the challenge would be for the clients in understanding what she is there for them to do. 

- M. Petrie, Colorado

Dezi and I met in Kindergarten, 35 years ago, became friends and family friends and continue to keep in touch.  Dezi has shown a lifetime of successes to me.  She continues to better herself through education and life experiences . She is very intelligent, ambitious, a definite people person, just a true, authentic individual.  I do not foresee any challenges and if there are any, I have full confidence she will embrace them and overcome. 

- D. Pia, New Jersey

She was our daughter and son's Karate teacher.  She was great with them.  She's very patient, can see the future in her students/people not where they are now. That's huge.  Some cannot get past all the work or encouragement in who is before them.  She was always happy, encouraging and my children felt successful in her class.  She's her own selling point.  Once you meet her you'll know what I mean. She's a go getter, loves people and truly has a heart to want to help them be all they can be.  She's really a genuine person and it shows.  I think any client would pick that up once they got to know her. 

- D. Molizon, South Carolina

    I knew of Dezi many years before I actually met her because we lived in the same town, and I was her son's teacher.  I did not come to actually know her until I read her tarot cards... We immediately formed a friendship that has lasted over several years and many miles.  

    Dezi and I share a mutual desire for personal growth and have encouraged each other along our journeys.

    Dezi has a gift for being able to objectively assess very emotionally charged issues in a loving and calm fashion.  She not only has the voice but she has the vocabulary necessary to accurately express herself.  Her own dedication to personal growth appears to inspire her to encourage others to meet their goals and she is unbelievably selfless in her feedback.  I am thrilled that she is pursuing this avenue ~ she will be a huge help to many.

    The only challenge I can imagine would be for Dezi to not allow others' personal limitations to diminish her feelings of accomplishment. 

- S. Quigley, Louisiana

    Met her through Ageless medspa.  Dezi has a way to connect to anyone, she is whole-hearted and wants the best for everyone around her, an outstanding mother, and an all around beautiful person. 

- V. Vasquez, Las Cruces, NM

    Amazing person and my best friends mommy.  Raised amazing kids and is a wonderful person.  Can't really say there would be a challenge for her. 

- T.J. Naverette, NM

I met her through my best friend.  Great listener! 

- P. Ortiz, Las Cruces, NM


- S. Butler, Burlington, NJ

I was a her karate student.  She is an empowering woman. She has the ability to make her dreams come true. She has been a mentor for many different types of people. She is kind and caring with a black belt!  I see no challenges for her. She has a shine about her that is contagious. She is true and genuinely cares for people, known and strangers. 

- T. Nuse, Burlington, NJ

We attended school together.  Dedicated! 

- T. Alejandro, Las Cruces, NM

She attended MTTI where I was the admin counselor.  She finishes what she sets out to do! 

- J. Fred, NM

One of life choices for growth in MTTI Schooling.  Building their personal confidence and life goals.  I do not see there being a challenge, for she is one who understands and finds all options when others think there is none! 

- C. Vigil, Georgia

She’s my husband's cousin.  She accomplishes in life!  She was a cop, she wrote awesome books, she’s a massage therapist and I feel like she really enjoys helping others. She always gives great advice and she has been a great help for me recently when I was going through tough times.

- A. Janska, TX


Be sure to get your massage in weekly...or at least once a month!  Massage has been around for thousands of years because IT WORKS!!  You deserve a good life, massage is more than a luxury...it's medicine. Schedule today or better yet, schedule weekly and get special pricing for VIP client status.  It cost more to go out to dinner, save that money (from just one meal) and put it towards your health.  It's better than working all these years stressed and using the money to recover your health near the end right?  You deserve amazing healing.  See you soon!!


Do you find people have a hard time going to your home office for services?

     No, actually the opposite.  I'm licensed, insured, confidential, and professional just like most other businesses in Las Cruces.  I find that there are quite a few clients that much prefer a home environment to going to a commercial building with a waiting room.  I thought, in the beginning, that I would lose a majority of my clients when I opened up at home but the opposite proved true.  I tripled my business, the clients that didn't follow me right away, eventually did, and I de-stressed my life to an amazing point of happiness.  A great decision for DGT...and me!     Dezi

Do you have a favorite service that DGT offers?

     Everything we do are favorites, that's how I could keep my interest and serve clients the best.  If I had to pick one it would be the Tantra Sessions.  Once people get passed the taboo sex judgement and open up to using their energy properly, they may the most positive changes in their lives.  I enjoy helping others live free from their pain.  And, seeing them finally find self-love and attract all the love in their lives they need because of it...makes me feel fullfillment.

Do you ever get comments about having massage services and also tantra sessions in the same business?

     No, not really.  People in Las Cruces who know me, know that I am adamant about my professionalism and those who work for me.  (I've left quite a few businesses because the practices did not suit my comfort level.)  My treatment rooms are designed to calm and help clients relax.  Massage is done in one part of my business and there is never anything but professional therapeutic massage touch, per the law here in New Mexico, and per my morals lol.  Tantra sessions are discussed and taught in another part of my business, and always professional and clothed.  Even sessions done via a client's home, FaceTime, Skype, email, and text are professional and for the good of the client's personal development and relationships.  Many people have a view or opinion that Tantra is only about sex but it's not, Tantra (which means woven together) is about energy.  What I teach is breath, mediations, TOGA (tantric stretching to release trauma), using energy to open and heal chakras, get rid of shame, psychological blocks, body dysmorphia, and addiction using the body's most intense energy.  It's quite beautiful, just like connection, love, and bonding.  Porn was designed to affect the brain for immediate gratification, Tantra (which has been around for thousands of years) is much more about healing oneself, healing your partner, prolonging creativity and pleasure, and finding soul love.  For me, love and connection seem to be what's wrong with the world today.  If I can contribute my knowledge and help at least one person feel "good enough" and heal their traumas, well then, I feel I'm living my purpose.  Dezi

What is Reiki and how does it work?

     Our life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy.  A Shinpiden, or Reiki Master, uses their energy to help charge/correct the client's energy while they relax on a treatment table. Reiki has proven to be an extremely important healing therapy since 1922, and many credit it for their positive life changes. 

What can Reiki be used to treat?

     Reiki (ray-key) is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress, tension, and blocked chakras by creating deep relaxation within the body temple with the assistance of a Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki promotes intense healing and health. It's effects have proven to release stress from minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory and skin problems. 

Why do you promote DoTerra essential oils at DGT?

   Quite honestly, out of all the different oils out there (which are also amazing), doTerra could explain why they are certified therapeutical grade, how they are manufactured, and how pure they are.  I love that...and they work for me, my children, my friends, and clients so I feel confident recommending them.  doTerra explains better here: 




Jordon Kopreski BIO

Shinpiden, Reiki Master

Jordon found a love for helping others young but really honed his skills after a visit to Peru!

NMSU Graduate

Jordon enjoyed his college experience receiving a BA with studies in Kinesiology, Psychology, Art (Film/Videography) and liberal studies.

Heart/Psychic Tarot (Spiritual Mentor)

Jordon absolutely loves doing readings for clients every day of the week, over FaceTime, Skype, via email, text or in person!  All he needs is your date of birth and first name to tailor your reading specifically to you.  Call him (575) 386-0356 when you're ready for guidance.

But wait...there's more

Private Practice

Couple in Balance

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?  Are you desiring a spark?  Do you want to go from good sex, to mind-blowing sex?  Do you want to sync up mismatched sex drives?  Would you love a bond that is ever-lasting?

Private Practice: If you're feeling any of the above...or that you just want life to be amazing, you've come to the right the  right place.  Nestled back in Sonoma Ranch East, behind DACC East Mesa Campus, is the home of Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC.  Dezi lives across from the Del Prado Pool, in a spacious home with not only a licensed private practice, but two treatments rooms for massage and reiki, and a dojo for “Master Me” and “Tantra Toga” classes.  You'll love being Dezi's client, where you can choose from her vast Body * Mind * Spirit services, take a class or workshop, or join a support group or book club.  If you are out of state and still desire Dezi's therapies, just say the word, she has distance sessions as well as an AirBnb dorm room for 5 for those needing a week or weekend away! 


Sessions: Dezi, or her staff, always give more than expected in each sessions.  Appointments are designed to get the most out of the time scheduled.  The average therapeutic massage is 70 minutes, Reiki often includes more than just reiki-hands, like crystals, singing bowls, oils, etc..  Relationship sessions can involve exploring numerology, meeting each other's needs, love languages, or tantra skills.  Classes and workshops can involve video clips, chocolate, Toga, breath control, heart anchoring, reflexology, and blindfolds!  You are guaranteed an experience when visiting Dezi's place, she even provides bonfires and rooftop toga or sun-gazing.  A former foster home, Dezi's house provides a calm, peaceful, homey feel that a commercial office cannot.  Also, as a side note, Dezi designed her business for the hours clients are off of work (hours are 3pm-9pm) so that time-off didn't need to be taken to get much needed therapy time in! 

How Dezi Got Started

How Dezi Got Started: Dezi dabbled in careers in Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Martial Arts early on but, as most of us figure out, achievement does not always bring fulfillment.  Dezi, very naturally, fell into bodywork and relationship therapy after experiencing health problems directly linked to unloving relationships in her life.  She believes deeply in a Body * Mind * Spirit connection and that when one is off, the other two will be imbalanced as well.  After attempting to “help” others build their practices, or being falsely promised “partner” business relationships, Dezi followed her true passion to help others her way by opening her own licensed home practice where she could offer the types of therapies that awaken her clients to the true potential of their lives.  For the body, she and her staff offer healing therapeutic massage and reflexology, for the mind, informative classes, support groups, and workshops provide answers for clients they couldn't find elsewhere, then for the spirit, reiki, chakra, and “Master Me” workshops are designed to lay the foundation for clients to balance themselves enough in all the other areas so that their higher self can be heard and followed.  Contact Dezi, or her staff, and see for yourself how her unique practice can change you.  You are guaranteed to find the right therapy for you at Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. 

Personal Bio

Personal Bio:  Dezi found her passion for helping others by stumbling upon life lessons herself.  She learned, just as others have, that pain is part of the journey.  Facing it, the pain or fear of pain, was the only way to grow and Dezi has a passion for helping others have the tools to do so.  Her love of therapy spans to assisting others understand their journey and that pain is not something to run away from, but rather the very “thing” that evolves us to our best self.  Now, she doesn't encourages running towards pain, of course, but getting out of the way of the universe so it could do it's job or teach it's lesson is definitely something she does encourage.  Her practice offers many services that foster this understanding.  When not in the office or down the street conducting a session at a coffee shop, you can find Dezi enjoying time in the sun by the pond, walking, doing Toga, building vision boards with her girlfriends, or helping her son and daughter with their spray-paint art.  She's always been creative by nature, so inviting her to paint, craft, take photos, or do Feng Shui is a definite “Yes!”.  In her quiet time, Dezi blogs on Tumblr to her fans or works on her next book project (yes, she's published three books) but if you ask her, she'll tell you her most favorite time is in “quality time” spent talking with those who want  to “hang out” and live forward. 

Would you Care to Give us a Review?

We are always improving and we have you to thank for that!  Please take a moment to review us and receive $10 off of your next session.  We appreciate your time and look forward to what you have to say. (see button below)

Contact Dezi for a free consultation.  (575) 932-9741 or dezigolden@gmail.com


Dezi Golden, LMT-CLC 

Business Owner - Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. ( Woman owned)

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Certified Life & Intimacy Coach 

Shinpiden, Reiki Master 

Tantra & Toga Instructor 

Fingerprint & Palmistry Interpreter 

Certified Card Reader/Tarot 

Published Author 


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